Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Not our George

This is among the documents I uploaded in one of four zip files to SacCT. I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that I'm not sure who this Geo. Beardsley is (not our GF, and perhaps no relation to our Beardsleys). On the other hand, he might be a collateral relative of George's father Amos,  but such a connection hasn't materialized thus far.  I'll keep trying. For now, ignore this document in the file.


  1. I went to the old city cemetery index, where several Beardsley's are listed at the Broadway/Riverside location. The archives are open there on certain days of the week, I may make my way over there to see what the records show. http://www.oldcitycemetery.com/images/PDF/CemeteryIndex.pdf (page 17)

  2. Fiona, Carrie already checked the City Cemetery Records online last week (those are not our Beardsleys--but even if you thought they were, you'd need to throw this to the Parallel Lives Team, since they are working on ancestry, since your team's time and grade relates solely to Tasmanian Sojourn). I'm waiting for one of them to post their great find about the Tasmanian Cricket Club and GFB.