Monday, March 10, 2014

Expositions, Empire, UE

I sent an email to this affect last night, but I want to remind everyone, not just those of you on the Colonial Milieu team, that there are many archival resources available online. Here, I am featuring graphics and text from a piece of ephemera I pulled off the Internet Archive. There is nothing like a primary source (and especially one related to world fairs/expositions) for demonstrating the relationship between empire, colonization and evolutionism. The little snip of text I have posted below demonstrates the sociopolitical "logic" of unilinealism as it was developed and deployed in the service of conquest and colonization. I hope the Colonial Milieu team will also use this booklet to integrate a discussion of GFB's collecting of botanical and oological specimens (see the exhibit headings), as these instantiate the taxonomic obsessions of late 19th century natural history.

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