Thursday, March 13, 2014

Exhibit Team Design Finalization

Each exhibit team needs to continue working to finalize elevation and schematic design and to complete research necessary to produce interpretive panels. (FYI: I uploaded Nancy's professional rendering of the museum gallery floor. Use it to produce your exhibit schematic and to mockup your elevations. In case it helps to know, the cases are 1 meter square, and 3 meters tall.)

Begin the search and capture process for any archival graphics that you intend to you use. Be sure to record the URL for these as you or Nancy may need to download higher res versions. I will prepare a team checklist this weekend; it will be submitted on the Tuesday following Spring Break (along with all the necessary digital files). 

Once you have collectively finalized your conceptual and physical design (this must be done by next Tuesday), you should organize your team so that Carrie and I will have a single point-person for each of the following 1) images 2) Beardsley artifacts 3) props and 4) text (all interpretive panels and label copy). You'll need a different team member for each scope.  Once you've made these assignments, post them to your blog (post your entire team's membership and scope--not just your own).  

I'm not sure we are going to have time to paint.  We may have to work with Marigold Madness. I think it can be done.  Next week we have two guest speakers, so don't depend on that class time to collaborate. Use open lab hours or arrange meeting times among yourselves. 

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