Saturday, March 1, 2014

Exhibit Teams and Blackboard Discussion Threads

By now, you all know at least one of your team members, since you are paired up to work on your Deed of Gift assignments. But you also need to be developing conversations/discussion threads within your individual Blackboard groups so that you can 1) begin research in the scholarly literature that relates to your unit of the exhibit 2) begin to identify and flesh out your team's interpretive components (didactic panels, photographs, maps, ephemera, artifacts, props and arrangements you feel will bring your section of the narrative to life), and 3) start to think about how you'll want to divide up fabrication tasks among yourselves.

On the larger class level, we still have a couple conversations that need to be continued collectively. First, there is the issue of the exhibit title. Drop into that discussion thread and share your thoughts. Do this not simply because it is a graded assignment, but also because exhibit development works exactly this way--with people bringing their creativity, quirky differences, life experiences, individual talents and scholarly perspectives to bear on a problem. We also need to develop a schematic for the entire exhibit, defining how the space (conscripted by walls, the lighting and the built-in exhibit cases) will be used. We have many options still for using the space and plenty of movable exhibit furniture. So give it some thought and we will discuss this on Tuesday, with an understanding that teams will design storyboards around a basic schematic that can still be changed as we continue the design process. 

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