Monday, March 10, 2014

George's Paternal Grandfather

Our exhibit title, Sentiment and Science, is turning out to have deeper relevance than we might have anticipated. Amos F. Beardsley, Sr. (GF's British-born grandfather) was not only a surgeon, he was 
  • a member of the Victoria Institute (aka Philosophical Society of Great Britain), founded in 1865
  • a Fellow of the Linnean Society
  • and a Fellow of the Geological Society
The Victoria Institute was trying to reconcile the Bible with the geological evidence of the time. While they were clearly committed to making them "square" with one another, it doesn't appear that they were all catastrophists (according to some of the Transactions I've read today), which brings us back to Lyell's Principle of Uniformitarianism, and to the Mount Lyell Mining Company in Tasmania. See what I did, there?

You can read the Google e-book Faith and Thought, Journal of the Victoria Institute to find out more (Parallel Lives Team). 

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  1. So cool! (I'd have something more profound and articulate to say, but my brain is dead after 3 hours of research!)