Thursday, April 3, 2014

Worker Bees (Hornets?)

Caesar Chavez Day

Team CM moves cases from the 4th floor


Chaos, but with a coffin case in place!


Alice arrives

...And I go to Home Depot after a museum
committee meeting to buy PVC so we can
hang the big tapa cloth

10' by 2"-- fitting (just barely!) in my Prius

And she scares the life out of me when I
come back to deliver the PVC (short memory).

New street signs being installed on
campus this morning...

FC prepping the PVC, Fiona and Cristian
figure out photo layout.

And we hang it (crooked, but w/o harm)

Abbie and Jessica plot their photo layout

David and Nathan contemplate

Alice's summer look

Nancy preps for tracing the world (literally)

And then she and David trace away

And Abbie gives Alice a winter look

Avec spear

After everyone left, I tidied up, and added
two more supports to the hanging rail.

...and said goodnight to Alice...

and took one look back at George's Carmel
study. Tapa cloth in place. Whew.
We'll be back tomorrow. 10 am.


  1. I LOVE Alice and her mult-seasonal fashion. She is look fierce and fabulous with that spear!

  2. And like a colonial. I think we are going to hang the spear above the CM space where they keep imaging the title of their team (which will instead be the header on a didactic panel).

  3. Wow, that all happened fast! Looking good. (And yes, that one picture of Alice does look a bit like a horror movie scene...I'm not helping, am I.)

  4. Good stuff going on! .. As fabulous as Alice looks right now, I'm still pretty excited to see her new garb!