Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Today we meet in the classroom to discuss your job posts and catalog reviews.

If you haven’t checked SacCT, you should do so later today. The instructions for next week’s NAGPRA-related blog post have been uploaded, as have the worksheet and  instructions for your object research. The Research and Inventory Worksheet  is a fill-able pdf. I will hand out a copy of these in class so we can go over them, but you'll see on SacCT that you have very specific instructions for how to save them. "Once you have completed one for each of your objects, you will save it as “YourName_1" (then_2, _3, _4 and so forth).  The order in which you complete and save your worksheets does not matter.  These file names will later be changed by me or Carrie to reflect the object’s accession number. For now, I need to be able to identify them quickly as yours [for grading purposes] in an electronic folder."  If you don’t have access to Adobe Pro, you should go to one of the campus labs (I have linked to a map under the assignment tab on Blackboard that shows the labs with Adobe Pro). The photocopied images of comparative objects drawn from your scholarly references should be stapled to the relevant hardcopy of the Research and Inventory Worksheet. (The electronically submitted worksheets will not have these appended.) Remember, there will need to be three of these for each of your objects (one from each of the scholarly sources you cite).  If you are researching five objects, you’ll have a total of 15 images. Each must be marked with an abbreviated source citation).  Please don’t hesitate to ask/email me if you need help with anything related to the research assignment. I have many catalogs in my personal collection and am more than happy to also help you try to locate other sources. If you get started now, you’ll have plenty of time to request inter-library loans. Every second you spend on object research counts toward lab hours. Please don't leave this to the last minute.

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