Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lights, Action, Exhibit (and Reception)!

The team photos Nancy took yesterday, along with a few other reception pics, are loaded on her blog. Be sure to check them out. Here are some more images that document the exhibit process and the reception. I begin with the storyboard presentations, as a reminder of how far we have come in a matter of weeks, having moved (on fast-forward) through all the critical stages of exhibit design:  1) concept development, 2) design development, 3) fabrication and 4) installation. Congratulations to all; everyone had great things to say about the show. When you are next in the museum, read the feedback in the guest register. I'll have a docent check list (for opening and closing) prepped and in the reception desk folder by the time the museum opens. Joe and Nathan are on duty today.

Storyboard Presentation
March  11, 2014
Graphic Design Storyboard
Nancy presents the graphic design elements.
Parallel Lives Team
Tasmanian Sojourn 
Colonial Milieu Team
Full Circle Team
  Opening Day
 April 15, 2014 

Please leave this door closed during
exhibit hours.

Asher the Adorable
Paul, Jessica, Gia, Airelle and Abbie
Nathan, Fiona, Holly and (almost) Nancy

Remember to tell visitors we have a touch box
where they can handle fragments of fiber that
 have fallen off the 100+ year-old-objects.
And that we thank them for NOT touching
the exhibit materials.
CLEAN LAB! Courtesy of me; please
do your part to keep it this way.

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  1. I wish I could have come to the reception. The show must be terrific with such an engaged curatorial team. Can't wait to see it.