Sunday, May 4, 2014

For Seya (and Others).

At least some of you will recognize this. Click on the "Catalogue Entry" to learn more. I found this while looking for leads on a different object entirely.  This is the page that led me to this small, private collection.


  1. That led me to some possible resources on the fish hook (if that's what you are referring to), thanks! I can see a slight similarity to the walrus tusk ornamental thing, but that's supposedly from a totally different part of the world.

  2. Nope--it is from Hawaii, Polynesia.
    Don't believe what you don't have scholarly citations for. Just because it says Alaska doesn't make it true ;-) . There are TONS of citations/examples of a "lei niho palaoa." Until you find me one that places one in Alaska, I'm not going to believe it. TOO distinctive a form (clearly restrung or made later for trade with tourists or visiting scholars, but I'd bet my first born on the provenience being Hawaii.

  3. AND if you scroll down on the first webpage I pasted above (after clicking on catalogue entry), you'll see some scholarly sources.