Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Accession vs. OTHER Numbers

There is only one place on your forms for a trinomial: "Accession No." "The Beardsley Inventory No." is NOT an accession number/trinomial, it is the number found in the Beardsley Inventory produced back in the late 1950s listing all the objects donated. It is digitized for you on SacCT. The third number in the accession no. trinomial MIGHT match the Beardsley Inventory No., but sometimes they confused objects during the 1974 retroactive accessioning process and the trinomial doesn't match. Open the Accession File on SacCT and check. 

I'll meet you guys in the classroom, collect the hardcopies of your assignment, have a brief discussion, and then we'll go down and have some refreshments in the museum. Last class today...we only have de-installation next week!

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